Child tells School Board forced to watch multiple perverted movies in class – I JUST HATE IT

Viewing time: 0 minutes | By: PEOPLES FIGHT  | Oct 01, 2021

This senior student from Hudson, Ohio narrates how she was forced to watch perverted movies during her junior year. In her CCP class towards the end of the year, they were made to watch R-rated movies that had graphic and explicit content. She mentions that in one particular movie there was a 10-year-old child who performed a perverted dance on stage while taking off her clothes. She further explains that the reasoning behind why her teacher played these movies was because it was a college course and hence, she was allowed to play any movie for them. She expresses her frustration as she mentions that she was forced to watch those movies and often at times the teacher would fast forward parts of the movie because they were too explicit. The child student fails to understand why teachers are allowed to show and teach such content to minors especially using the excuse that it is a college course. She concludes her speech by stating she hates this and will never understand why such content is taught to minors.